Name : Sandhya Bajaj

Location : Mumbai, India

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Brief Outline:

I am Sandhya Bajaj and I help children eradicate their Math phobia by offering customized solutions depending on the pain and the problems that they face in Maths, train them on Mental Maths which is not a part of our formal education system and gear them up for competitive exams. My core is personal excellence and be it children or adults I bring that in all my sessions and make Maths simple, fun and interesting so that they are able to connect with the subject and most important capitalize and get good grades and increase their overall percentage.

I have always believed in the Practical School of Learning - certain skill sets that one needs to develop, acquire, to be more precise master in order to be successful and Math definitely fits in here.

My journey with Maths however, was a bumpy roller-coaster ride. As a child loved Maths and I used to score full marks in this subject. But something in Grade 4 happened where I lost my confidence. I was selected from my class to appear for a competitive exam as I was good with the subject and I was very excited about the same. My parents enrolled me for a class and the way they work typically with 25 to 30 kids in a class where they are more interested in completing the syllabus and not giving you a handholding and addressing your concerns where you are stuck. Ultimately I flunked and it was very difficult for me to accept the fact that being a topper I didn’t do well in the exam.

Later in Grade 8, I had a School Maths teacher who sucked and who made Maths difficult and boring. All that she did was one sum in class and burdened us with homework. She didn’t bother to clear our concepts but expected us to outperform. She was so strict that she made everyone in the class so uncomfortable that in one semester out of 30 kids in a class, only 5 managed to scrape through.

I too was caught up in the same frame of mind, but thanks to my dad who intervened and started training me on Maths and got me to the same level. I was however, way better than my other friends who were struggling in terms of concept clarity, mental maths and logical reasoning. Unfortunately, the same pattern still continues.

And this is exactly what put me to think. Kids have a Maths phobia. But if you look at the bigger picture, Maths is a subject. There is nothing good, bad, easy or difficult about it. You make your own impressions about the subject. You are the ones who decide depending on your experience about it. And many a times if the parents have had a tough time they bring it on to their children who have just started their journey with Maths.

In our class we do not promote calculations on fingers, but yes there are moms who still calculate on fingers and train children the same way.

How can we expect different results if we are doing the same things over and over again?

Let’s look at this way…

Maths is everywhere, you can’t survive without it. You need it in your daily life, profit and loss, percentage, basic operators for calculations, budgets, business accounts, fractions, measurement, interest etc. You can’t do without it. In fact Maths plays a big role in your personality development as well. I have seen kids who calculate mentally are way more confident as compared to others who are yet struggling on fingers.

So bringing home the point, let’s not attach any attributes to this subject. What we need is a resource to understand the depth of the problem and attach a rock-solid solution. And since I have a coaching background and being a Certified NLP Practitioner as well, I am able to gel with kids and drive home the missing elements that close the gap in less than 12 sessions, though we highly recommend a yearly programme.

Well research has proved that Math is a subject which is not a favourite for many. This is because Math is perfect. I am of the belief that Math is one subject with which you can share a love or hate relationship. If you are good at it you love it and you enjoy it and God forbid if you fail to strike the deal you dread it.

The initial years of Math are significantly important where you start developing your impression on this particular subject and trust me if you get things right Math is an extremely scoring subject it not only improves your overall academic grade but also helps you tremendously in the long run. Trained students from various schools - Don Bosco High School, Bombay Scottish, J B Vachha, Arya Vidya Mandir, Ryan International. MET Rishikul Vidyalaya, Dhirubhai Ambani, Podar International to name a few catering to SSC, ICSE, ICGSE Boards.

Author to E-Book “Mastering Addition Subtraction” Mental Math (Grades 1 - 5)

An excellent resource for Parents and Teachers to build a strong base and encourage Mental Math making it fun and interesting and eradicating Math Phobia.

Appeared in an article in Business Standard among the Top Vedic Maths Gurus,

In addition to Math I operate as a People Development Coach conducting programmes for Children and for Adults.

Success is first conceived in the mind and then it turns into a reality.

Knowledge is power.

I have completed my Vedic Maths Teachers Training Program from Vedic Maths Academy (UK).

Mission Statement:

At Sandhya Bajaj Academy we are committed to be the world's trusted brand in raising human potential by offering Transformational Educational Programmes coupled with customer delight and value addition by being accountable and devoted to their personal growth and development. Our motto is to ignite the spark in our clients by developing that unbeatable spirit to get them self-motivated to perform at their peak to reach their destination.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a world class service provider in the fields of Personal Development and Mental Maths in the Indian and International Market by providing wonderful customer service and excellence. Company known for winning infinite awards in the coaching industry working with a team of handpicked coaches of high integrity and standards to guarantee life-altering results to individuals and society.

People Development Programmes For Children

  • Foundation Maths Programme (Grades 1-8) Age: 5.5 to 13
  • Mental Maths Genius (Grades 3-4) Age: 7 to 8
  • Vedic Maths (Age 10+)
  • Mastering Multiplication Tables to 99 (Age: 10+)
  • English Comprehensive Programme (Grades 1-8)
  • Personality Development For Teenagers
  • Personality Development & Public Speaking (Age: 15+)

People Development Programmes For Adults

  • Convert Chaos to Clarity
  • Be Your Best Version (121 Coaching)
  • Double Your Productivity in 30 Days
  • Boost Your Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Personal Grooming & Etiquette
  • Present With Power & Poise