As a child I always enjoyed Math because of its inherent potential to score full marks.

Right from a tender age it was very clear that if I wish to increase my overall percentage, I need to capitalise on this scoring subject. All entrance exams have Math as an entry point and one needs speed and accuracy to crack it. And the very fact that it is different from other subjects make it more interesting and appealing.

Math cannot be memorised, it has to be understood. You need to think Math to get the right answers, which unfortunately is not taught or for that matter encouraged in schools. And to add to our woes, the number memory is not developed. Having worked with more than 10,00,000 students worldwide what I realised is even though the child may be confident in their concepts, if the number awareness is not created along with daily discipline and practice, no matter what techniques you know, you end up making silly calculation mistakes.

1 silly mistake is enough to lose a mark, a rank and a medal.

And quite honestly, I have been a victim to this where I lost a gold medal because of a silly calculation mistake.

Mastering Math is all about 3 steps:

  • Raising the Number Awareness
  • Bringing Mental Math to Daily Life
  • Concept Clarity & Logical Reasoning

One has to see numbers everywhere. And if you happen to think Math is present everywhere. As adults we see it in accounting statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, reports, entrance exams, daily budgets, incentives, salary slips and the list is never ending.

I remember speaking to a High School Teacher from a reputed international school who actually mentioned that she never counts the change when she goes for her grocery shopping. She is overwhelmed with calculations and simply cannot count. And what happens then, it is an important life skill that she is actually deprived of which is a potential threat to her financial situation.

From working with 10 to 15 kids from the comfort of my drawing room to working with kids online things were not that easy. All that I knew was my wish and ambition to bring in the Magic in Math and my mission was crystal clear to impact the lives of 100,000 children. Dealing with non-techie moms, technical hang ups, creating a team, creating an online learning culture and discipline things were not that easy. But when you have a dream to dare and an unbeatable spirit, the universe supports you in each and every way possible.

Being a mom myself I understand that moms remain busy and I wanted to design something that is transformational yet comfortable and flexible that can be done as per your convenience, no need to travel, no need to rush.

The ease of doing it at your own pace and convenience and access to recorded LIVE sessions even though you missed a session only make life simple with absolutely no excuses.

At Sandhya Bajaj Academy, we believe in Making Math Simple and Making The Child Learn For Life and Not For An Exam.

Develop the Life Skill, Make The Child Fall in Love ❤️ With Numbers in Order to Fall in Love With Math.

Do you resonate with me?

Our Mission

On a mission to work with 10,00,000 children all over the globe, make them Number Friendly, eradicate the Math phobia, make them Comfortable and Confident with Numbers thereby helping them to Capitalise on this wonderful subject which will automatically reflect in their grades and Overall Percentage through our various programs on Mental Math and Concept Clarity.

Our Vision

Promote The New Age Education Online by working with children all over the globe Treating Math as a Life Skill and not just another subject by making it a part of their system Make The Child Fall in Love ❤️ With Numbers in Order to Fall in Love With Math.