Math is everywhere and its significance simply can’t be ignored. And if one can handle Math with Magic it definitely can bring in the Math Miracle.

Connect With Us if You Are a:

  • Educator
  • Class Owner
  • School Authority
  • Private Tutor
  • Influencer Working With Moms

Qualifying Criteria

  • Minimum 50 children to work with
  • Age Group: 5 to 15-year-old

How We Work:

  • Dedicated Online Batch Created For Your Students
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Parent Feedback Form
  • Syllabus Customised to Requirements if Needed
  • 30% Commission on Total Sales

We at Sandhya Bajaj Academy, invite opportunities for collaboration with promising educators to impact world class education making the best use of technology and customised syllabus with the potential to transform lives.


If you have Whatsapp, internet and a strong intent to support our cause you are our affiliate! That is all we need! We do not expect you to have any other infrastructure.

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