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Prepares You For Real Life

Prepares You For Logical Reasoning

Prepares You For Competitive Exams

Course Duration

Age Criteria

Grade 1 & Grade 2

Age: 5 - 7 year old

  • Self-Paced Online Program DIY
  • 121 Sessions on Request at a Nominal Fee (Only For Concept Clarity)
  • Dedicated Login to our Website Portal
  • LIFETIME Access

Course Contents

Building a Strong Foundation Right From a Tender Age

Discover 👀 & Decode 🔑

  • Understanding Number Line to Understand Numbers
  • Cardinal & Ordinal Numbers
  • Mastering Addition & Subtraction Conventional School Math
  • Relating Operators to Numbers and to Day to Day Living
  • Bringing Word Problems to Real Life
  • Understanding Time, Clock, Days of the Week, Months of the Year
  • Basic Conversions - Pair, Dozen, Week, Hours, Year, Quarter
  • Unleashing Number Patterns
  • Relating it to Multiplication Tables 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10
  • Understanding Money and Relating it to Practical Living
  • Word Problems on Money
  • Understanding Shapes

Prepares the CHILD for Real Life ✔️ and gives them a competitive edge over others.

If you wish to enroll your child for COMPETITIVE EXAMS Olympiad, Global Math, Ignited Mind, IPM then this is the program you certainly CAN’T MISS

Learn Math For Life ✔️ & Not For an Exam.

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Why Sandhya Bajaj Academy?

Micro Videos

Micro Videos less than 5 minutes that make Math fun, interesting and exciting to drill in the concept along with practice worksheets to absorb and enhance learning.

Portal Access

LIFETIME PORTAL ACCESS where you have all the videos and the worksheets for a quick reference. Study at your own pace.

Logical Reasoning

Enjoy 2 courses at the price of 1. Course 1: Concept Clarity Course 2: Logical Reasoning Make your child think right from Day 1, an integrated approach to all concepts.

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