Yes, for children aged 5 to 7 we have a Math Mastery Bundle that comprises of 4 programs.

  • Mental Math Genius Level 0
  • Mastering Tables 2 to 25
  • Concept Clarity
  • Logical Reasoning

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Mental Math is all about calculating in the mind without making use of any fingers or tool using any calculation style be it Abacus or Kumon.

Vedic Math encourages children to calculate numbers in the head mentally without dependency on any tool and is a collection of 16 principles (or patterns) identified and documented in the 1960s. Once understood, these principles allow one to calculate certain problems mentally.

Abacus & Vedic Maths are entirely different programs. The abacus Math is an ancient calculating system it has beads that slide on rods. It can be used to count, add, subtract, multiply and more. Abacus is dependent on a tool which with practice and time the kids visualise the beads and calculate. Abacus consists of basic operator’s calculation i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. It helps in concentration and building up of visual memory. However, it does not support higher arithmetic. Vedic Maths aids in faster calculations by being observant of the number patterns and applying tricks that support that pattern. Vedic Maths provides tricks for squares, square roots, cubes, cube roots, fractions, algebraic expressions, equations and helps the child with faster calculations. Though both are good in their own way and perspective our programs include Vedic Math Tricks suitable to the age of the child.

We have different courses based on the age and grade of your child. We highly recommend that you go through the various courses in the courses section and select the most appropriate for your child or simply drop us an email at to help us to guide you through.

Have you checked out our program on Mastering Tables? If not, do so right away.

Spread across 3 levels it is a NO BRAINER.

  • Mastering Tables (2 to 25)
  • Mastering Tables (11 to 99)
  • Mixed Bag

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I personally and very strongly believe that Math is the language of numbers and if we can get the child fall in love with numbers the child certainly has a better inclination and interest in Math. This is the beginning to a wonderful start, however, it has to be noted that Math involves mastery at 3 levels.

1. Speed & Accuracy in calculations

Follow school methods step by step in school and accelerate your learning through vedic tricks that can help you in day-to-day life, competitive exams and yes, not to forget to cross check answers in school. Most important it helps a child to reduce silly mistakes where all children fall prey.

2. Concept Clarity

Nothing can beat concept clarity, if the concepts are not clear, even the simplest of sums are a nightmare. To strengthen concept clarity and to make the child think out of the box make your child solve 10 logical reasoning sums on a daily basis. This will not only make the child adept at thinking but will also develop a strong foundation.

3. Behavioral Concerns

  • Be on the watch out when the child is doing Math.
  • Is the child in a rush to complete?
  • Does the child give up when he comes across a twisted problem?
  • Is he making silly calculation mistakes?
  • Is the sentence formation correct when doing word problems?
  • Is he performing step by step or resorting to short cuts as a result of which the child is losing marks?
  • Is the child lazy to write down all the steps?

And if you have been able to identify any such pattern then it is time to take charge.

All these 3 important areas when taken care of can make your child develop a life long interest in Math and yes most important help the child to capitalise on this wonderful subject.

Yes, we do have a Foundation Math Refresher Program where we first assess the child, identify the gaps and then design a syllabus customised to the child's needs and requirements in the 3-month program, spread across weekly sessions (once in a week sessions).

This is because the number awareness is not created right from the very beginning. Schools are always in a rush to complete their syllabus and as such the number awareness or for that matter the number memory is never developed. At Sandhya Bajaj Academy, we not only focus on training the child on tips, tricks and techniques but we also focus on building the number memory, empower kids to retain numbers in the head and calculate mentally.

It is all about daily discipline and practice. Weekly Worksheets, Test Series, Challenge Worksheets, Daily Submissions only make the child confident, comfortable with numbers and make them learn Math For Life and Not For an Exam.

Well, I love this question and I get it all the time. One needs to be open to learning and adopt new and different styles and be flexible. This means, follow the system do not challenge the system. In school let's adopt school calculations in school to get in your desired grades, marks and percentage and apply these techniques to crosscheck answers, in day to day calculations and competitive exams.