Are You Worried For Your Child Who is Struggling With Math?

If your child is anywhere between Grade 1 to Grade 8 and ONLY if you are looking in for 121 Online Tutoring and you are 100% convinced that your child can only benefit from 121 coaching kindly fill in the form below to help us understand your needs and accordingly design a MATH BLUEPRINT ✍ that will fast track your child’s progress in Math and help your child to score better and upgrade his current knowledge in Math and develop a strong base and foundation.

Let’s lay the objectives first

Strong Base & Foundation

Bring in the Necessary Speed & Accuracy

Able to Think & Apply the Logic in Math

What all does it cover?

  • School Math
  • Concept Clarity
  • Logical Reasoning

Who is it for?

Suitable For Children Who Need 121 Customized Coaching

Are you looking in for 121 Online Tutoring?

You Strongly Feel That Your Child Needs Personalised Attention

Don’t Fret, You Are At The Right Place

Spread across 3 Months, I bet it can’t be better than that 😊

Math is all about Daily Discipline & Practice ✌

How does it work?

👉 Working on The Base & Foundation of The Child

👉 Working as Per The School Syllabus and Accordingly Designing a Customised Program

👉 Each Session Aimed at Eradicating The Math Phobia

👉 Worksheets Designed to Make Concepts Crystal Clear

👉 Think Out of The Box With Logical Reasoning Worksheets

👉 Training The Child For a Strong Base

👉 Wholistic Approach to Maths

👉 Practical Understanding of Maths

👉 UNLIMITED WORKSHEETS on School Maths & Logical Reasoning

👉 UNLIMITED TEST SERIES to Build a Strong Base

12 LIVE IMPLEMENTATION SESSIONS of 1 Hour spread across 90 Days [Weekly Sessions]



What Do You Gain?

👉 A Confident Child Comfortable With Maths

👉 Cultivate a Lifelong Interest Towards Maths

👉 Friendly With Numbers & Calculations

👉 Reduces Silly Mistakes

👉 Increases Speed & Accuracy

👉 Improved Academic Performance in School and Experience Instant Results

👉 A Competitive Advantage

👉 Increased Focus & Concentration

👉 Make Your Child Fall in Love ❤️ With Math

Kindly fill in the form below to help us understand your needs and requirements.

Suitable For Children Who Need 121 Customized Coaching

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