Is your child Struggling with Maths? Does he have a Maths phobia?

Don't fret....

you are at the right place....

Is your child scared of Maths? Does he have a Maths phobia? Don't fret... You are at the right place... Let’s make this simple, do not worry!!! Book a Free Maths Assessment Session for your child right now and we help you to identify and bridge the gap. So what you are waiting for? Delay will not help but it will only result in your child getting more disappointed and frustrated and this is the beginning to developing a Maths Phobia which is difficult to eradicate.

Are You Facing These Challenges With Your Child:

  • Is Your Child Scared of Maths?
  • Does He Have a Maths Phobia?
  • Uses Fingers to Calculate
  • Mental Calculations Scare Him
  • Has a Poor Base and Foundation and Hence Finds Maths Difficult
  • Distracted and Lacks Focus
  • Numbers and Calculations Freak Him Out
  • Turns to Run Away From Maths
  • Not Able to Finish His Paper on Time
  • Concept Clarity is Missing
  • Does Not Check His Work
  • Finds it Difficult to Memorise Tables
  • Is Always in a Rush to Complete His Work
  • Losing Out on Grades Because of Silly Mistakes
  • Cannot Draft Sentences in Word Problems
  • Does Not Take The Time to Read and Comprehend The Problem
  • Does Not Practice Enough to Get to The Core
  • Cannot Relate Maths to Real Life
  • Does Not Want to Take The Plunge into Competitive Exams

Free Maths Assessment

  • Enjoy the liberty to access your child. Kindly fill in the free Maths assessment form and book your appointment in any of our batches.

Course Outline:

  • Worksheets Designed to Make Concepts Crystal Clear
  • Think Out of The Box With Logical Reasoning Worksheets
  • Mental Maths Worksheets to Calculate Mentally
  • Increasing Their Accuracy Through Log Sheets
  • Time Based Worksheets
  • 4 Competitive Exams Training - Global Maths, Ignited Mind, Olympiad and IPM
  • Wholistic Approach to Maths
  • Practical Understanding of Maths
  • Customised Homework Sheets
  • 20 Test Series on School Maths & Logical Reasoning
  • 10 Test Series on Mental Maths
  • 3 Quarterly Evaluation Reports Mailed to The Parent

What Do You Gain?

  • A Confident Child Comfortable With Maths
  • Eradicates the Phobia and Cultivates a Liking Towards Maths
  • I Hate Maths to I love Maths
  • Friendly With Numbers & Calculations
  • Reduces Silly Mistakes
  • Increases Speed & Accuracy
  • Improved Academic Performance in School and Experience Instant Results
  • A Competitive Advantage
  • Increased Focus & Concentration
  • Increase in Number Memory
  • Ability to Complete The Paper on Time
  • Ability to Focus and Concentrate

Who Should Attend

  • School Students (Grade 1 - Grade 8)

How Does it Work:

  • A Yearly Programme Commencing From Mid June to Mid April
  • 2 Weeks Holiday in Diwali and in Xmas
  • Batch Comprising of 5 to 8 Students
  • Each Student is At It’s Own Level and Learning Pace
  • No Pressure of Any Kind
  • Customised Syllabus For Every Student Depending on His Current Level
  • Syllabus Split Into School Maths, Mental Maths and Logical Reasoning
  • Focus is on Getting The Child Comfortable With Maths
  • Courseware Provided
  • Customised Homework Sheets
  • 20 Test Series on School Maths & Logical Reasoning
  • 10 Test Series on Mental Maths
  • 3 Quarterly Progress Reports Mailed to The Parent
  • Ideal For School Students Age: 5.5 - 13 (Grade 1 - Grade 8)
  • Sessions Conducted at Cadell Road, Shivaji Park
  • Online 121 Sessions For Students Where Distance is a Challenge
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