Dear Parent,

  • We run different programmes and terms and conditions are different for different programmes.
  • The terms and conditions will be made transparent once your child enrolls in any of our programmes.
  • Terms and conditions are different for all online courses on our website
  • All Worksheets, Test Series, Challenge Workbooks are uploaded on our portal on teachable below the videos.
  • Test Series are to be sent across only when asked by the teacher in the course that you are enrolled for through Whatsapp or E-Mail.
  • All Test Series are to be signed by the parent.
  • Results can only be expected if the child is regular and shows up for the class, we do not encourage absenteeism.
  • Every child is at a different pace and so we expect parents to be patient and not expect immediate results or gratification.
  • If the child discontinues the class in the middle of the programme no refunds will be entertained, however the child can join us in the next batch as a REFRESHER.
  • Makeover sessions or extra turns OR 121 sessions are accomodated on mutual time and convenience only if the situation demands.
  • Test Series are posted in the respective Whatsapp Groups on weekends to ensure sufficient practice. These scores are reflected on our individual score boards, records maintained for every single day to track their weekly progress.
  • Reinforcement worksheets, additional practice worksheets will be mailed to the parent customized to every child’s understanding and requirements. They are to be completed in due time to get best results.
  • If the child is hyper active or a slow learner kindly bring it to the notice of the teacher.
  • The child can attend or repeat the program as a REFRESHER multiple time to get his concepts cleared at the cost of one programme cannot be adjusted against any another programme.
  • The results for Competitive Exams vary from child to child and is in direct proportion to his dedication, discipline, learning capacity and the difficulty of the exam. Our focus is to take your child a level plus and at times it becomes necessary to forego marks and work on making your child more confident.

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