Top 6 Reasons to Learn Mental Math

Build a Strong Foundation

It all starts with the child developing a strong base and foundation. And I am sure as a parent you agree with me on this it can’t be better than the tender age of 5 to 7.

Calculate Mentally

What can mental calculations do to your child? It gets the interest in Math and sets them up for later years.

Not Dependent on Fingers

Why train the child to calculate on fingers when counting in the head is possible? Do you agree?

Improves Speed & Accuracy

It starts with building a number memory that is capable of storing numbers, retaining numbers and processing numbers which brings in the desired accuracy.

A Blessing in Competitive Exams

A big help in competitive exams where time is the constraint. It can’t be better than this, you bet?

Builds Visual Memory

Memory, concentration, focus are all inter connected, vedic maths increases the visual memory and helps to build the mental muscle.

How Are We Different?

  • Not just a Collection of Tricks
  • Dedicated Programs For Dedicated Operators
  • Daily Discipline & Practice
  • Accelerate Learning Through Mental Math Games & Quiz
  • Tracking Scoreboard to Measure Progress
  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • 121 or Group Sessions Arranged on Request
  • Challenge Worksheets to Stretch Your Thinking
  • Daily Life Application
  • School Life Application

What all does it cover?

Age Criteria

Grade: 6+

Age: 11+

A perfect combination of Mastering all 4 Operators and then bringing it to School Math and Real Life Application

  • Mental Math Genius Level 2

At Sandhya Bajaj Academy if the tricks learned are not put to use it does not make any sense.

Do you agree ❓

So taking up one step at a time ❗


- Application of Mental Math Techniques in Your Daily Life Calculations & School Math Segregated as Per 16 Topics - ✌


👉 Word Problems

👉 Conversions

👉 Fractions

👉 Decimals

👉 Integers

👉 Percentage

👉 Direct & Inverse Proportion

👉 Time, Speed and Distance

👉 Area & Perimeter

👉 Linear Equations

👉 Simultaneous Equations

👉 Squares and Square Roots

👉 Cubes and Cube Roots

👉 Exponents and Powers

👉 Profit and Loss

👉 Algebraic Expressions

👉 You decide what topic you wish to learn and kick start your learning.

👉 All topics picked up from Grade 5 to Grade 8

👉 Applied Maths is More Powerful Than Conventional Maths

👉 Do you resonate with me?

👉 Make Your Child Fall in Love ❤️ With Math


Unlimited Refreshers

We understand that children learn at their own pace. If you wish to take advantage of Christmas or Diwali vacation just put in a request to our Client Success Manager and repeat the program as per your convenience.

Dedicated Client Success Manager

Every parent has a Dedicated Client Success Manager whom they can approach for any doubts, queries pertaining to the program enrolled for or any help needed with the portal access.

121 Sessions on Request

Every child is different and learns at his own pace, if you feel the need for a personalised session to get the concepts clear, we offer the flexibility of a 121[30] minute session on prior appointment.

Easy EMI

Never let the investment come in your way of education. Ask for an Easy Emi and we will be more than happy to help you.

Portal Access

Along with LIVE SESSIONS we offer portal access where you have all the videos and the worksheets for a quick reference.

100% Guaranteed Results

100% results because of our teachers, LIVE SESSIONS, SUPPORT SESSIONS, practice worksheets, unlimited refreshers & lucky draw.

⭐ I am Excited ⭐

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