Is memorizing tables a nightmare for you?

Offline Class

Time : 11:45 am - 1:00 pm
Venue : Shivaji Park

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91-98331 18990 / 98202 86873

Global Clients

Fees :- 10$/-

Workshop Highlights:

  • Self Paced Online Video Series
  • Learn From The Comfort of Your Home
  • Mental Multiplication of Tables to 99
  • Mental Math Worksheets to Calculate Mentally
  • Increasing Speed & Accuracy Through Log Sheets
  • 20 Online Mental Maths Video Tutorials on Different Techniques
  • 7 Test Series for 7 Days
  • Beneficial to Students & Adults
  • Equips Us With Mental One-Line Formula Which Speeds up Calculation
  • Vedic Maths is Much More Systematic, Coherent and Unified System
  • Vedic Maths is The World’s Fastest Mental Math System
  • Ideal For School Students From Age 10 onwards
  • Improved Academic Performance in Schools
  • Alternative Approach to Conventional Math
  • Apply The Principles in Your Daily Life
  • Cost-Effective Session - A Wise Investment of Time & Money
  • Suitable For Competitive Exams like IPM, Olympiad, CAT, IIT-JEE, GRE, MBA, Bank PO etc
  • Certificate on Completion

What Do You Gain?

  • A Confident Child Comfortable With Math
  • Able to Calculate Tables Mentally Upto 99
  • Logical Way of Calculating Compared to Rote Learning
  • Eradicates The Phobia and Cultivates a Liking Towards Math
  • I Hate Math to I love Math
  • Friendly With Numbers & Calculation
  • Worksheets Designed to Develop and Enhance speed
  • A Must for students appearing for competitive exams - Global Math, Ignited Mind, Olympiad & IPM
  • Reduces Silly Mistakes
  • Increases Speed & Accuracy
  • Improved Academic Performance in School and Instant Results
  • A Competitive Advantage
  • Increased Focus & Concentration
  • Increase in Number Memory

Things to Ponder

  • Quite often we as parents and teachers want our children to memorize tables, as long as we recite them on a regular basis, we recollect, else we forget. The reason it is not supported by logic.
  • This workshop intends to teach techniques that makes tables fun, simple and interesting by understanding the working pattern.
  • Moreover we encourage students to do it mentally, immensely useful in practical day-to-day life and competitive exams where time is a constraint.

Who Should Attend

  • Children (Age: 10+)
  • College Students Appearing For Competitive Exams
  • Adults
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